Host a Video Game Ambassador

Help support your young people into an exciting career in the games industry.

The UK games industry is growing. It needs enthusiastic and diverse young people to keep driving it forward, it needs your students!

Whether you are a college or university that’s already delivering games courses or a secondary school looking to inspire your students to look at a career in the sector, the VGA makes it easy to connect with hundreds of UK game staff looking to make a difference.

Types of opportunities available

Our network can support you in delivering outstanding careers support in three opportunity areas.

Careers Talk

Industry staff talking about their career journey and day-to-day work.


Hone young peoples specific skills from industry experts with years of knowledge

Game Jam

Get young people to work in teams to create their own games from scratch
Our young people got so much out of working with games staff, it really opened up their eyes to new career opportunitiesRuth Teacher

Inspiring Diversity

The VGA is open to any educational organisation that wants to connecting their young people to the vast array of opportunities the games indusrty provides however, we are especially interested in those that can help make the games indusrty a more diverse sector.

While almost 100% of young people play videogames, only 22% of the indusrty is female and only, 4% are from an ethinic minority. This needs to change.

The VGA is commited to helping create a more representative indusrty by working clsoely with youth organsiations that specifically work with young women, BAME, or those from disadvantaged areas.

We hope that by showcasing better career options at an earlier age, we can ensure the future of the games sector is bright, diverse and inclusive.