VGA1K Campaign Launch

19th May 2021

Into Games and Ukie are pleased to announce the launch of the #VGA1K campaign, their mission to onboard 1000 Video Games Ambassadors to the Video Games Ambassadors network in 2021!

The Video Games Ambassadors is the UK’s largest network of industry professionals. The VGA programme connects games volunteers to education providers in order to inspire the next generation of young game makers. 

The volunteers get involved by providing talks, hosting game jams, holding masterclasses, and so much more - and through the free platform, educational organisations can be connected to passionate industry leaders in no time at all.

The VGA1K campaign launches on May 17th, and is supported by founding partners and industry leaders Jagex, Splash Damage, Dambuster Studios and nDreams

Ambassadors on the network receive access to free training events and workshops in areas such as diversity and inclusion, public speaking, and workshop creation. These skills massively support them to go on and further support young people on their path to game development.

Into Games Head of Partnerships and the VGAs, Brandon Cole, states:

‘We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve accomplished so far with the Video Games Ambassadors - inspiring tens of thousands of young people, many from disadvantaged backgrounds, to learn more about careers in the games industry. The #VGA1K campaign is our effort to grow this completely unique and powerful tool so it can reach thousands more young people in the years to come.’

Reese Wright, current Video Games Ambassador and Senior Producer at Robot Teddy added:

‘There are so many brilliant reasons for becoming a VGA, from inspiring the bright and creative superstars of tomorrow, to learning the technique of talking about your own experiences and skills.

For me though, the biggest draw in being a VGA is putting a diverse face on the industry to hopefully inspire more people from different backgrounds to join us – the games industry can only get stronger from having a huge range of voices joined to it, giving more interesting opinions and stories that will keep video games relevant and thriving for many, many years to come.’


The VGAs are an amazing opportunity to share your game industry knowledge and skills, and your chance to help nurture a massive, diverse group of young developers.

To get involved with the Video Games Ambassadors, sign up here!